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Friday, 13 March 2009

Lobsters East Neuk of Fife Scotland

Lobsters, East Neuk of Fife, Scotland.

The flavour of Drambuie combines well with lobster in this dish. Although it does not have its origins in the local area, it satisfies a need to refine and develop some dishes using local produce so that the Scottish gastronomic map may be extended a little.

Lobster East Neuk
2 lobsters live or cooked
2 oz butter (50 g)
3-4 tbsp Drambuie
Quarter pt double cream (150 ml)
Salt and pepper

For the cheese sauce -
Half pt milk (300 ml)
1 oz flour (25 g)
1 oz butter (25 g)
1 small onion stuck with a few cloves and a Bay leaf
1 oz Dunlop cheese
Salt and pepper

For the Garnish -
8 oz mushrooms
1 oz butter, melted

If the lobsters are live, plunge them into a pan of boiling water, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove them when the water has cooled a bit. Split the lobsters in half lengthwise with a large, sharp knife. Scissors may also be used, cutting through both sides of the shell then cutting through the flesh with a knife. This gives a good clean edge.

Remove the stomach sack at the top of the head. It is about 1" long and three quarters" diameter (2.5 x 2 cm), depending on the size of the lobster. It will have split in two halves when you cut the lobster, so remove both halves and discard. Pull out and discard the blackish intestinal vein which runs right through the lobster, the greenish/ blackish soft part (brain) should be scooped out and sieved into a small bowl.

Remove the meat from the tail sections, claws, claw joints, chest sections and legs. Pull off and discard the gills which are attached to the outside of the chest at the leg joints. Scrape out any white matter which has coagulated inside the shells and add to the brain. Cut the meat into approximately 5" (1 cm) pieces. Clean out the shells and put in a warm place with the serving dish.

To make the cheese sauce, simmer the onion, cloves and bay leaf in milk for 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile make up a white roux with butter and flour and leave to cool. Strain the milk and add gradually. Season and bring to the boil slowly, stirring all the time. Simmer for 10 minutes. Add the cheese at the end, mixing with a whisk until it is thoroughly melted and mixed through. Add sieved brain and check seasoning.

To make up the dish, melt the butter in a large frying pan. Add the lobster meat and toss for a few minutes. Sprinkle on the Drambuie and flame. When all the flames have died down, add the cheese sauce and cook for a few minutes. Then add the cream and heat through. Adjust the consistency if necessary and check the seasoning. Pour into the shells and garnish with grilled mushrooms and sprigs of parsley. Serve immediately. Scottish Cooking.

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